Say hello to King Klio, Los Angeles-based soul/pop singer-songwriter who unveils her brand-new music video, “Circles,” a smouldering song mirroring the feeling of going nowhere, spinning in circles, even as the world passes by.

Originally from Manhattan and raised in San Francisco, King Klio spent her summers with her grandparents in France. Following high school, she moved to Hawaii for a few years, and then returned to New York. Nowadays, she splits time between L.A. and NYC.

While growing up, she sang constantly, delving into an array of styles, spanning the spectrum from rock to jazz. As she explored, King Klio transformed these influences into her own distinctive sound, a sound at once visceral, sensual, and delectably bewitching.

For King Klio, music surpasses the merely therapeutic; for her, singing is a prerequisite to functioning. When creatively suppressed, she good-humoredly shares, “I’m hell to be around.”

Stripped down to the bare essentials, “Circles” opens on lingering piano tones topped by King Klio’s seductive voice. As the melody assumes form, layers of throbbing colours infuse the tune with dark shimmering depth riding a rippling, infectious rhythm.

Highlighted by King Klio’s luxuriant, dripping timbres, “Circles” oozes the melancholic savours of the sensation of revolving in place, yet in the end, surviving.

“I’m running round in circle, circles / I’m running from what hurts most, hurts most / Chasing empty spaces / Hope inside erases.”

Watch 'Circles' - BELOW:

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