VIDEO PREMIERE: Jimkata – Writing on the Wall

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jimkata – Writing on the Wall

Electro-rock outfit Jimkata introduces the music video for “Writing on the Wall,” a track from their forthcoming album, Bonfires, slated to drop this summer. “Writing on the Wall” was inspired by a blitzkrieg of distressing personal experiences and loss of direction in vocalist Evan Friedell’s life during 2020.

Friedell explains, “I was unsure of what direction to go in life and all the while the world outside seemed bleak-- mass shootings, a hateful Twitter troll in charge of the country, climate change escalating, racist police violence… this song is a pressure release valve for all those dark moments you have, and I’m sure we’ve all had a few in the past year of turbulence.”

Made up of Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch, and Packy Lunn, Jimkata’s sound blends savours of indie-rock, Motown, James Taylor, and country with contemporary synth colouration. The band’s name was borrowed from “the so-bad-it’s-good 1985 gym-fu caper Gymkata.”

Having released six studio albums, Jimkata took a two-and-a-half-year break. In 2020 they reemerged, releasing “Roots Down,” “Liar with the Lights On,” “Blessings in Disguise,” Weight of Paradise,” “Wait for You,” and “Wanna Go.”

They are now back with their impending album, Bonfires, encompassing 10-tracks, which will release every month leading up to the album’s appearance.

“Writing on the Wall” opens on synth-washed colouration riding a tight, engrossing rhythm topped by Friedell’s evocative voice, imbuing the lyrics with portentous textures. As the tune ramps up, the harmonics swell on powerful layers while glowing harmonies fill the song with sumptuous flavours.

The video depicts post-apocalyptic surreal images, portraying a figure walking into an unknown future at once darkly ominous yet tinted with latent optimism.

Watch 'Writing on the Wall' - BELOW:

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