VIDEO PREMIERE: Jamie Freeman – Song’s I Cannot Write

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jamie Freeman - Song's I Cannot Write

UK singer-songwriter Jamie Freeman is excited to announce his new single Songs I Cannot Write. It’s the first track from his self-released forthcoming EP Isolated Incidents, scheduled for release on July 2nd, 2021. The release will be accompanied by an old-style 12-page ‘Zine, which will be available with the EP through Bandcamp.

Isolated Incidents is a collection of personal and powerful songs which Jamie wrote during the pandemic and touches on feelings of sorrow and regret, truth and perspective, frustration and restraint and of course, the ever-present love and longing. The new music continues to challenge the boundaries of genre, blending indie, rock and even punk sensibilities with his Americana/Country sound.

“Songwriters are like magpies, anyone who knows one will be aware that anything they do or say becomes ‘fair game’ for a possible song” explains Freeman. However, he felt some things just shouldn’t be put out there, and Freeman’s first single, Songs I Cannot Write, deals with that. Talking of its creation he continues “I always want to stay true to the songwriting art, and songwriters demand honesty. So the question is, how do you balance that with the feelings of others who might be caught up in the stories you want to tell? You can change the names to protect the innocent of course, but I reckoned sometimes it might just be best to let that story go.”

Watch the video for ‘Song’s I Cannot Write’ – BELOW:

The songs on the EP tackle challenging themes including personal responsibility in the social media age, evident in the track Hands Up, whilst Love The Night tells the story of a couple who can’t pull themselves out of a destructive cycle. A Fathers Letter touches on family issues, wondering what it would be like if a parent lost too soon could return and talk to their children. The track is something of a sister song to previously released track Rum & Smoke, which addressed alcoholism and its fallout on a child.
Despite having continued to co-write during the pandemic, this collection of songs are all solo compositions. With this forced DIY approach in mind, Jamie self-produced the EP in his own studio, playing all instruments except Pedal Steel, which was added remotely by award-winning CJ Hillman, whilst backing harmonies feature the duo Two Ways Home.

The DIY ethic got Jamie reflecting on his beginnings as a musician in the punk scene. “I’ve always been a self-starter, someone who sees a space, a place, a band and thought ‘let’s make a record, let’s put on a show!’

This approach is what gave him the idea for the accompanying ‘Zine.” In the ’80s, when you had something to say, you scrawled it on a piece of paper and photocopied a hundred copies at the local library. I’ve never really left my punk days behind me, and it’s infused my entire output as an artist in one way or another”

After a string of successful projects, Jamie has found his path and become a respected figure within the UK music scene. He released his debut record ‘Just You’ in 2011, follow-up 100 Miles From Town’ in 2013 (under the name The Jamie Freeman Agreement), EP ‘Hasia Dreams’ in 2017 and 2019’s ‘Dreams About Falling’ produced in Nashville by Grammy-nominated Neilson Hubbard.

Isolated Incidents will be available on July 2nd on CD, as well as a digital download link with the ’Zine. It will feature an interview with Jamie by Chris TT as well as hand-written lyrics, background on the songs, photographs and information about the recording process.

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