VIDEO PREMIERE: Hidden Beams – Animals

VIDEO PREMIERE: Hidden Beams – Animals

Hidden Beams unveils the kaleidoscopic music video for “Animals,” a song conjuring up echoes of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Blind Faith.

Somewhere between pop-rock and prog-rock, there’s a lacuna inhabited by Carlos Argon, who is the creative force behind his Hidden Beams project, perhaps best described as the sonic rendering of Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open The Head.

Like Pinchbeck, Hidden Beams explores the uncharted interior realms of perception, delving into new mystical domains swirling with numinous vistas and imperceptible disturbances. Blending distinctive rhythmic patterns with bundled chords in innovative fashions, Argon escorts listeners into soundscapes buoyed on creamy lysergic textures.

Directed by Yoshi Sodeoka, the video depicts Argon as a Merlin-like wizard ensconced in a polypharmic, drifting landscape embellished by eddying psychedelic colours and phantasmagoric shapes, as if bending time and space to visit the Empyrean, where fractals of energy burst from his fingers and slow, sinuous gesticulations assume cosmic significance.

Flowing on alluring, drifting layers of sound, the melody presents something at once noun and verb, full of gliding, wafting tendrils of resplendent momentum. Argon’s voice takes on delicious chanting tones, fluid and meandering like the phlogiston of the ancients.

Simultaneously dramatic and cinematic, “Animals” intertwines a rococo piano, brooding ambience, dreamy orchestration, and tight, austere breakdowns with the pensive timbres of Carlos Argon.

Watch the video for ‘Animals’ – BELOW:

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