VIDEO PREMIERE: haha charade - 'Seasons'

VIDEO PREMIERE: haha charade - 'Seasons'

The haha charade story began from humble beginnings of playing in basements, living rooms, and garages. The band's cult following that was growing, lead to haha charade's debut show in the Philadelphia area during the summer of 2018.

haha charade’s ability to merge genres and coin their unique style is attributed to a collaborative artistic approach to everything from songwriting to artwork and performance. haha charade consists of vocalists and guitarists, Alex Wade and Justin Lefler, bassist, Matt Bowe, and drummer, Brendan McBride. With three main songwriters in the group, each writer brings their own independent influences from Punk, Garage Rock, Folk Rock, and Hip Hop, which merges together to create the haha charade sound.

Musical stylings are influenced by a multitude of bands including The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rebelution, with a mix of cheeky and political lyrics influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys and State Radio. This creates the noteworthy, psychedelic, surfy vibe that can be found on their 2019 debut EP, We are The Wolves.


Let us start by saying we didn’t intend to write a doo-wop song. It just happened that way. And while we’re on the subject of fun facts: each member was born in a different season. WOAH!

Anyway, here’s the story, Jack. One of the best qualities a person can have is adaptability. Music is no different. As a wise man once said, “the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.” Life deals hardships. It boils down to whether or not you’re tough enough to learn to smile through them. We aren’t minimizing the pain. In fact quite the opposite.

The song is about growing through changes, both the good and the unwelcomed. It’s about rejoicing in the struggle. The deaths of friends and family. The betrayals. The parents that never loved you. The ones that loved you too much. The disease. The poverty. The empty stomachs. Whatever your struggle may be. Because out of that comes resilience. Out of that comes strength and pride and stoicism. But only if you let it.

We thought the change of seasons was the best and simplest metaphor to get that point across. And just like the weather patterns change, and flowers bloom from the frozen dirt, and the birds migrate home, and harvests are collected while fireflies radiate phosphorescent lanterns, and the leaves turn from green to vermillion, and we surround ourselves with loved ones to light up the ever-encroaching darkness, so must it all return as it once was. And the cycle continues. But only if you let it.


Seasons was filmed on location at Wonderworld Space in Brooklyn, New York by Boxhead Productions. Wonderworld is an immersive pop-up exhibit that invites you into the realm of the fantastical. The exhibit at the time of production was Alice In Wonderland themed. Each room portrays a different season, which was the perfect setting for Haha Charade’s new single, Seasons, which equates the growing pains of changing through time to the earths weather patterns. The music video takes you on a journey through a dream.

Check out the video for 'Seasons' - BELOW:

haha charade will be releasing their debut album early 2020.

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