VIDEO PREMIERE: Gatton – juvenescent

VIDEO PREMIERE: Gatton - juvenescent
Photo credit: Bethany Reed

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Gatton released his EP ‘juvenescent’ on April 30th. The intimate 4-track release reflects Gatton’s fascination with human existence and the meaning and purpose behind our lives. Today Xs Noize is pleased to premiere the video for the EP title track.

The EP opens with a welcoming acoustic cover of Kacey Musgraves’ ‘rainbow’ followed by the lighthearted ‘playing pretend’ which oozes childhood innocence and comfort, while the spoken word track ‘an observation on adulthood’ captures a more serious declaration. ‘juvenescent finishes with its title track, a delicate composition featuring emotionally powerful vocals from Gatton’s long-time friend Kennedy Brown, backed with enchanting piano and strings.

In everything he creates, Gatton longs to subtly portray the concept that we as human beings are more the same than different. His lyrics often highlight the harmonious coexistence of life’s juxtaposing concepts: the bravery and the fear, the love and the loss, the beauty and the pain and the beginnings and the ends, and how bringing all of these things to every place is vital in living wholeheartedly. Gatton hopes his music will provide peace, new realizations, and shifted perspectives as he shies away from no subject in an effort to make vulnerability contagious.

Gatton speaks on what the juvenescent EP means to him:

“It’s a journey I have taken to make peace with my inner child. A journey that is necessary for all, but many avoid. For me, this project is a musical stroll in the park. No one with me. No distractions. Just introspection.”

“‘juvenescent’ highlights what relationships look like with unclaimed baggage. Relationships seem to magnify what you’ve yet to heal. The healing can be beautiful. The healing can be agonizing. But if you can learn to “grow from every wave,” it can be breathtaking. After all, forgiveness is accepting that the past will never be any different.“We were a reckless combination of lust and childhood wounds disguised as love….”

Appreciating art in all its forms, Gatton goes beyond the world of music in his work as a creative director.

In everything that he creates, he aims to cultivate the concept that as human beings, we are more the same than different. After a tumultuous season of loss and grief, Gatton went on a journey to interview anyone that he found extraordinary somehow. Doctors, professors, singers, dancers, therapists, widows, and the list goes on. Gatton interviewed 85 people in a year and gave him a fresh and more vibrant perspective on humanity which then birthed his creative directing role.

Watch the video for ‘juvenescent’ – BELOW:

Gatton’s juvenescent EP is available now

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