VIDEO PREMIERE: Experimental electronic musician YANIMAL drops new video ‘Spirit Molecule’ – Watch Now

Experimental electronic musician Yanimal is pleased to announce details of his debut 5-track self-titled EP due this July and pre-empts its release with a new music video for 'Spirit Molecule'.

He says: "This is the debut single and video. It is a vivid future portrayal of getting to India finding out your passport is not valid anymore, you cant leave the country and get on a journey to survive. After trying to work in the local trades but failing to find a higher calling and turning your devotion towards a higher spirit. 'Spirit molecule' is the term the researcher Rick Strassman gave a substance dimethyltryptamine (DMT, a mysterious compound found in nearly every living organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth)".

The EP is a complex collage fluctuating between krautrock, emotional melodies, soundscapes and electronic experiments on synthesisers; coupled with big melodies and driving beats.

Check out the XS Noize exclusive premiere of 'Spirit Molecule' - BELOW:

After years of honing his skills in the studio and as a live keyboard player and putting on illegal shows in a forest in East London, he saw how electronic music works in a natural environment. “I wanted to recreate the feeling of being in nature with the soundscapes of a forest and heavy electronic music. Imagine David Attenborough taking hallucinogenics with Jan Hammer,” says Yanimal

His sounds are a mix of prog rock 70’s synth, heavy basslines and 80’s drum computer sounds. Challenging London’s underground scene in the last 10 years as a keyboard/Synthesiser player with bands like Dead kids, I.R.O.K., E. Sumner and producing breaking records for female rappers like Dominique Young Unique and Brazilian based Pearls Negras his latest ventures take him out on to the playground between melodic cinematic and rebellious electronica.

Listen to 'Spirit Molecule' on Soundcloud - BELOW:

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