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Pop singer-songwriter Elizabeth unveils her new single/music video, “Sweet Connection.” Produced by and co-written with Alice Ivy, the song is about the fear of falling in love too fast.

“Sweet Connection” is the second of a suite of interconnected singles, three new songs delineating and expanding the alluring sonic world of Elizabeth. The first song, “Happier Now,” released on June 22, denotes defiance even as she’s pulled into an ex-partner’s web. The final song of the suite is the upcoming “If You Died,” which reveals the power of love as more potent than hatred.

Although each song was made with a different producer, “Happier Now,” “Sweet Connection,” and “If You Died” form a cohesive whole without detracting from their individual power. Conjuring up suggestions of electro-pop heroes like Robyn and Troye Sivan, these love songs refuse to gloss over the ugliness of desire, even as they exalt its beauty. In many ways, they comprise a perfect sequel to Elizabeth’s 2019 debut album, wonderful world of nature: the sound of a heart mending rather than breaking.

With the release of wonderful world of nature, featuring songs such as “beautiful baby” and “parties,” Elizabeth collected national and international recognition for her plush, dream-pop textures and candid lyricism – a queer answer to nihilistic, powerfully feminine pop heroes like Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

“Sweet Connection” opens on a throbbing, mid-tempo rhythm topped by iridescent leitmotifs as Elizabeth’s velvety, evocative voice imbues the lyrics with delicate, quixotic flavours tinted by uncertainty. Radiant vocal harmonies give the tune shimmering depth and dimension.

At once dreamy and immediate, “Sweet Connection” projects the euphoric feeling of sinking into the warm embrace of instinctive love.

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