VIDEO PREMIERE: Electro Pop outfit SAFETY TOWN shares ‘Fade Away’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Electro Pop outfit SAFETY TOWN shares 'Fade Away'

Today, Safety Town shares the video for “Fade Away,” the third single off his upcoming LP, Fake It (due 11/12 via Earth Libraries).

As described by frontman Jackson Davis, “This song was inspired by the time’s we have as humans where we find moments of temporary total bliss and ignorance to the world’s problems. The subject matter talks about trying to just let all negativity fade away and realize how trivial and pointless most of our worries are. While this is a naive take and many problems must be confronted head on, we as humans need to take times purely for ourselves and just stare at the clouds and remind ourselves that we exist and deserve happiness despite how ridiculously complex and silly the world is. From a music perspective I was very inspired by Washed Out and bands that have a heavy use of harmonies to create a very large open sounding song.”

He continued, elaborating on the fact that the track is self-produced and mixed: “This song was produced and mixed purely by myself. The main piano, drums, and bass part were actually written when I was still in college about 3 years ago. At the time I did not know what the direction of the song or lyrical melody would be, but I stumbled upon the demo after years and dragged it into Logic and just took a shot at layering more elements. Once I determined what a good subject would be for the song, it really started coming along.

I had fully lost the original file and had to work with the demo I had which was an interesting challenge since I didn’t have the ability to change elements of it without fully re-recording them. I believe the way this was made resulted in an interesting song that’s a mix of more of my previous songwriting style mixed with some more modern sensibilities I’ve picked up on. I wanted this song to sound very ‘large’ and almost greater than life. I was trying to express the sort of nirvana or heavenly state that we all our trying to seek in our day to day lives.”

Watch the video for ‘Fade Away’ – BELOW;

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