VIDEO PREMIERE: Eda Green - 'I Hate Me Too' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Eda Green - 'I Hate Me Too' - Watch Now

Xs Noize is pleased to premiere the video for 'I Hate Me Too' from Eda Green. Produced by Chris Rosa of Flying Boy Entertainment with the music video directed by acclaimed director Ra Dreyfus, “I Hate Me Too” is a hauntingly surreal, yet strangely beautiful single that evokes multiple listening and viewing in order to fully grasp the twists and turns within the chasm of those 4 and a half minutes.

Like the monster Grendel to our hero Beowulf, “I Hate Me Too” is a haunting look through the eyes of the demon inside Eda’s self, summoning our heroine into the broken and charred home found within the greatest recesses of Eda’s mind. With every fleeing attempt that Eda pursues and every room she flees to, Eda is brought back face-to-face with her own demon, twisting and morphing itself into childhood memories purely to capture and ensnare our heroine. Proving that no matter what we do or where we go, we will always and inevitably face our own demons.

Watch the video for 'I Hate Me Too' - BELOW:

Eda Green is a Singer/Songwriter originally from Rochester, NY and New Jersey. Escaping domestic abused at home, 12-year old Eda, her mother and brother moved to Los Angeles, California where she’s currently residing.

Home in LA for Eda happened to coincidentally be at the same apartment complex as a “crazy amount of Viners” and everyone around her becoming “Insta-famous.” At just 15, Eda had her fair share of partying, problems and consequences. That, combined with her own self-discovery, became the fuel for her artistic outlet.

Now, 17, Eda’s resulting musical journey is held together by her incredibly unique vocal tone, which is powerful, yet haunting. The production combines Eda’s love for more organic live instrumentation and psychedelic soundscapes inspired by bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles to modern minimalist production like Lorde and Phoebe Bridgers with her writing style is of an honest and personal nature.

Listen to 'I Hate Me Too' HERE

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