VIDEO PREMIERE: Daniel Docherty Unveils animated new video for ‘Only Time Can Help Us’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Daniel Docherty Unveils animated new video for 'Only Time Can Help Us'
Credit: Gaelle Beri

‘Only Time Can Help Us’ is the final track from Scottish musician Daniel Docherty’s upcoming EP of the same name, delivering a moment of much-needed tranquillity. The cool animated video is meticulously drawn by award-winning PIXAR animator Youri Dekker (Incredibles 2, Spies In Disguise), the video follows the story of Daniel as he struggles to move past a current relationship and begin a new chapter for himself.

Daniel explains: “‘Only Time Can Help Us’ is a song I am so proud to share! It’s the title track of my third EP, and I feel incredibly lucky that there is such an amazing video being released for this song! I am a huge fan of Youri’s work, and I feel very lucky that such an incredibly talented and creative animator has created this video! I am truly thankful to Youri for all the work, time and thought that has went into this, and I am so excited to share it! The song and video are very special to me, and Youri has been great to work with! From discussing ideas, and sharing opinions, it was all so enjoyable! It really is amazing to see all of them come together, and I truly am thankful for everything that has been done for this song!”

Having honed his craft on the streets of his home city before spreading his wings further afield amidst the tourists and locals alike in cities across Europe and Australia, Docherty recalls, “It’s a great way of writing songs and road-testing them almost immediately in front of the public. Not only is it a spontaneous and rewarding experience but one of the most comfortable and enjoyable platforms on which to perform.”

Watch the video for ‘Only Time Can Help Us’ – BELOW:

Once more teaming up with producer Ian Grimble (Bears Den, Daughter et al), the new EP ‘Only Time Can Help Us’ is Docherty’s follow up to 2018’s ‘Life Is What We Make Of It’ EP and sees this talented singer extending his writing from both a personal and wider perspective from childhood, formative years through to adulthood and all that the journey entails – fears, awe, emotions and heartache.

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