VIDEO PREMIERE: D/TROIT – ‘A Little Kindness’ – Watch Now!

VIDEO PREMIERE: D/TROIT - 'A Little Kindness' - Watch Now!

Winter is truly coming and so are the holiday season. So it’s time for us to shine a light on the closing song on D/troit’s new album Soul Sound System, that was released in the fall of 2017. “A little Kindness” is one of those timeless songs that sounds like an instant classic, and it shows D/troit’s more intimate, fragile and heartwarming side. We know the band as the masters of tight, groovy funkiness and frontman Toke Bo Nisted as a confident, powerful, braggadocious singer, but here he shows us his sweeter side.

Toke about the song: ”When we recorded the song for the album at Viktoria Studios I did so-called cue-vocals as the boys recorded the instruments together live. These cue-vocals weren’t meant for the album, but just for guidance. But when we recorded Kindness I instinctively started singing the melody in a falsetto voice. And much lower than I usually do. It actually fit the song really well, and we decided to keep it that way. I’m very happy with the result and a lot of reviewers as well as our (especially female) friends rate it as one of the best on the album. Great.”

Check out the video for ‘A Little Kindness’ BELOW:

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