VIDEO PREMIERE: D.In.Ge.Cc.O. – Birthday will exist 4 ever

VIDEO PREMIERE: D.In.Ge.Cc.O. - Birthday will exist 4 ever

‘Birthday will exist 4 ever ’ is the first track from the forthcoming album ‘ G ’ by O, released 20th May 2019. G represents a return to the future through the present and the past of electronic music, of a genre that sees in house and techno its primary anchor but that ranges through the atmospheres of the 70s, 80’s and ’90s.

G is a work full of surprises. Experiments, revisitations, contaminations, citations and futuristic, vintage, solemn and easy-going atmospheres. Electronic music is a pretext to explore endless creative possibilities and give us an expressive universe capable of evoking a fascinating and complex world where emotions transport us out of time and space while remaining anchored to our world, to our habits and to the life of everyday.

Interstellar journeys and synthetic atmospheres blend with very earthy situations, with noises and sounds of everyday life in the Western world, modern sounds and of other times, mixing the beat of house and techno music with chamber music or with the familiar sounds and voices of a birthday party or the voices of kids or the sounds of a station and a departing train. We speak English Polish, German, Japanese in a futuristic melting pop where the word is thin but rich in meaning, a world that nevertheless remains suspended in a timeless but at the same time very contemporary dimension. We speak precisely (we do not sing) about love, philosophy, departures and returns, the cosmos and nature, aesthetics and changes and the power of dreams.

G is a complex album, sometimes difficult to listen to in the rhythms and arid and synthetic sounds that often distinguish it, but it is also a joyful and piano record of poignant hope in the melodies and dreamy harmonies that characterize almost all the songs. A truly fascinating mixture that marks an impetus towards the future of electronic music, but with great anchorage to a recent past that has seen too quickly the advent of genres and classifications.

Check out the exclusive XS Noize Video Premiere of ‘Birthday will exist 4 ever’ – BELOW:

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