VIDEO PREMIERE: Bodi Bill - Loophole Travelling

VIDEO PREMIERE: Bodi Bill - Loophole Travelling

Avant pop veterans Bodi Bill serve up a surreal slice of sonic goodness on ‘Loophole Travelling’, a pulsing piano-led bop accompanied by an equally arresting, bizarre video clip.

This new single will be released as an EP, including four brand new tracks. "Loophole Travelling" is a laconic comment on the willy-nilly mishmash content delivered by the shimmering world of influencers. Fenk explains: "The song takes place in this weirdly assembled reality. Copy + paste, things often appear to be much more substantial than they are. Feelings and meanings remain blurry. Oh, and speaking of, there's also some Space X stuff in it, again!"

As for the accompanying video, Fenk continues: "We follow influencer H., who happens to find two super cute animals on a stroll. And she takes them with her through her day filled with heartfelt moments and inspiring this-and-thats. They have a lot of fun, but around early afternoon these two start to needle her. On top they get a bit smelly. So maybe it's time for something new, and time to part. Which is done, short and brief, in quite a robust way. On to new ideas then!"
And he adds: "Bodi Bill responds with a smiley and 'genius!'"

Watch the video for 'Loophole Travelling' - BELOW:

Following a hiatus of seven years, Bodi Bill returned in 2019 with a series of acclaimed releases 'Kiss Operator', 'What If' and 'Better Than Reality', offering a continually evolving approach to their music. ‘Loophole Travelling’, is the next new single release carving the path towards the band’s new album.

Tracklist: 1. Loophole Travelling, 2. B-Sides, 3. Drones, 4. Club Surprise

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