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Norwegian now LA-based alternative-pop singer-songwriter bby ivy is back with her new single ‘Losing Sleep’ released via FRTYFVE Records. Having released a string of singles and EPs since 2020, bby ivy has leapt to millions of streams across music platforms and TikTok as well as amassing hundreds of thousands of social followers in the process. Now back with the new single, bby ivy is demonstrating her full potential.

‘Losing Sleep’ is an effortlessly impactful electronic-pop track packed with not only striking commercial appeal and earworm vocallines but also a warming sense of melancholy. Soft piano with layers of airy synths and tight drums underline bby ivy’s delicate, silky and effortlessly emotive vocal delivery which compliments her honest, relatable lyricism.

Speaking about the new single bby ivy adds: “I was going through a very difficult time of really missing someone who I had broken up with. When the time came and I wanted them back they had already moved on. I couldn’t sleep or even go on with my day without thinking about them. I guess in some ways I got what I deserved for letting them go, but I’ll never forget those restless nights. ‘Losing Sleep’ is the perfect depiction of that.”

Originally from Norway, where she grew up just outside Oslo, ivy also lived in Spain for a year, before spending another five years in London and eventually moving to LA. For ivy, who’d experienced anxiety and self-doubt from a young age, the opportunity to start again — and again, and again — was welcome. “Maybe I seemed like a social person on the outside, but on the inside I’d overthink everything,” she reflects. “I’d pretend to be confident at school, then I’d come home and be like: ‘What did I say? How did I walk? How did I look?’” The anxiety led to sleeplessness, which led to medication. “But each time I moved, I could change my identity,” she says. “I’d reinvent myself.” She adds, with a sigh, that this would only work to a point. “After a while, you always go back to how you actually are.”

It would be some years before ivy could accept that who she was — something of an outsider, but fiercely independent and with a determination and inner strength far beyond that of the peers against whom she unfairly measured herself — was her secret weapon. Far from being a hindrance, her true self would eventually be the key to unlocking the creative, unfiltered world she now inhabits as bby ivy.

Having already won a growing number of awards since the release of the video for ‘Losing Sleep’ including: Rome Music Video Awards, Munich Music Video Awards, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, SICAFILM Los Angeles International Film Awards, 1st Monthly FIlm Festival, Cult Critic Movie Awards and The IndieFEST Film Awards (to name just some of the list) bby ivy has set of at lightning pace demonstrating her intentions to truly launch her career over the coming months. An exciting up and coming artist with endless potential, bby ivy is surely set to become a household name sooner rather than later!

Watch ‘Losing Sleep’ – BELOW:

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