VIDEO PREMIERE: André Uhl - Are You With Me?

VIDEO PREMIERE: André Uhl - Are You With Me?

Today XS Noize is pleased to exclusively premiere the video for Are You With Me? by André Uhl. Are You With Me? is the fourth single from André Uhl’s upcoming album Relax and Implode, to be released on Berlin-based label Martin Hossbach on 16 October 2020.

The song deals with the search for orientation, affirmation and advice in an increasingly confusing world. Are You With Me? sounds ecstatic, excited, hectic. It sounds like different musical elements playing tag and have fun with each other. At the same time, these elements are kind of dissolving over the course of the song – up to a point when it all blows up and the individual particles hover in the air aimlessly ...

The artist himself shot the video for Are You With Me? in March 2020 in Cairo, Egypt, where he spent long periods of time during his teenage years. The viewer takes the role of an observer with a bird’s eye view. Scenes like vibrant schoolyards, heated discussions, and growing crowds in the streets of Cairo build the scenery and mirror the bursting energy of this track.

Watch the video for 'Are You With Me?' - BELOW:

André Uhl is a musician and futurologist born in Essen and based in Berlin. André merges noise and synthesizer lines converging them into dark, driving and cinematic pieces of music. His productions combine detailed and spatial audio design with simple, yet haunting melodies. André holds a master’s degree in futures studies, a fact that reflects in his compositions and leaves traces in his sound: tales of the hazy past and the twilight of the future.

André’s strong live performances have seen him play at Torstrassen Festival (Berlin), Supynes Festival (Vilnius) and Les Digitales Festival (Lucerne). His collaboration with video artist Jem the Misfit, the Creatures live AV show, was selected for the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, and for performances in the Cathedral of Guebwiller, France.

André's debut album I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space., released on Neofakt, is accompanied by a booklet of 13 short stories, each by a different writer. His single New Oil has been selected for the Listen to Berlin 2018/19 compilation released by the Berlin Music Commission.

Relax and Implode by André Uhl will be released on October 16th 2020 on the Berlin label Martin Hossbach. It will be available on vinyl and digital.

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