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Having spent a decade performing together in New York City, in May of last year, Bárbara Martínez and Albert Alabedra decided to add another branch to their already impressive artist bows and began to write songs together, going on to become ALBA Musik. The results – including the latest single, “Contigo” – can be heard on their debut album ‘Dawn’, which drops on Sunday, June 18th.

“The inspiration for “Contigo” is from all of my travels,” Martínez shares. “I just love to travel and go to new places. It’s so liberating. I want to try the food; I want to know what they do and know what it’s like to live there. It’s like exploring a different life. I do a lot of travelling with my partner, so I imagine going with him to beautiful, unfamiliar places. It’s also about hope and wonder and still learning new things while getting older.”

The album, which saw Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries and the two-time Grammy-nominated pianist Gonzalo Grau among others, contribute to its creation, blends and spans several genres; Latin pop, funk, blues, and salsa, to name just four. All the featured tracks were written during the pandemic, and, having spent two years living in uncertain and troubling times, the pair wanted to give themselves and bring to others some positivity and a feeling of togetherness. ‘Dawn’ is a considerably personal release, with many songs inspired by events in the lives of both Bárbara and Albert and others addressing themes such as beauty, family and the rediscovering of joy.

Martínez says of the tracks on the album, which was mastered by the iconic Robert Honablue: “We felt very good about the songs. We felt we were doing something inherently good for our audience and the other artists with us.”

Check out the video for ‘Contigo’ – BELOW:

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