VIDEO PREMIERE: A Fragile Tomorrow - All Signs To Amsterdam

VIDEO PREMIERE: A Fragile Tomorrow - All Signs To Amsterdam
Credit: Ted Comerford

On July 15th, A Fragile Tomorrow will drop their new album 'It's Better That Way'. In the meantime, the band are getting fans excited for the collection by unveiling their latest single, "All Signs To Amsterdam", which XS Noize are proud to premiere.

'It's Better That Way' blends and spans several genres; British folk, psychedelia and indie-rock among them, showcasing the diversity and growth of the band who have continued to make waves and impress both fans and critics alike since they released their debut album back in 2014. The new single is a fitting example of that growth, but it's also just one of those thoroughly enjoyable big and loud tracks - perfect for cranking up to full volume.

Vocalist and guitarist Sean Kelly says that "All Signs To Amsterdam" is: "…a great example of something that sort of came together in a weird way and felt right immediately. Brendan had the main riff and the verse for a while, and I loved it. Lyrically, it's the first time I've written about my struggle with anorexia and body dysmorphia, which really got bad around our European tour in 2013 and went downhill from there. I was in such a low place at that point, riddled with so much anxiety and stage fright that I didn't care if I came home from that tour or not. It was a dark place to be in, despite such an amazing experience we were having. I'm really proud of "Amsterdam", and I feel like I've been slowly lifting myself out of that place for the last nine years. The song is a reflection of that struggle and finally emerging from it ultimately."

Of the video, he shares that it consists of: "…a combination of footage from our Dreamland Recording performance, and some beautiful animation from our friend Max Werkmeister. We've worked with Max a ton over the years and have been friends since we were probably seven years old. He's a brilliant director and filmmaker (whose movie 'Danni and the Vampire' we scored), and also an incredible animator. He took a very vague vision I had of something fast-paced and disorienting and made it into something really cool."

Watch 'All Signs To Amsterdam' - BELOW:

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