TRACK PREMIERE: Teulu – Albeit

TRACK PREMIERE: Teulu – Albeit

Originally from Portland and now living on the road out of a 1989 Chevy van, indie-electronic artist Teulu unveils his single, “Albeit,” from his forthcoming EP, Fulgurant.

Explaining the inspiration for the EP and “Albeit,” Teulu says, “These songs were written more specifically around a close family member who was experiencing severe dementia and who recently passed away. It’s tough to cope with, especially since I’ve been lucky enough not to be around death much. ‘Albeit’ specifically was written from the point of view of my mother, who was the primary caretaker of her mother, and questioning both her own strength towards helping the person who brought her into this world, with the juxtaposition of ensuring the health and strength of the person she cared for. It’s so complex, but also so common, and happening behind closed doors worldwide. How do we keep ourselves grounded while slowly watching our loved one’s decline?”

Growing up in southern Vermont, Teulu, aka Ben Capogrossi, first tried trumpet, then switched to drums. Later, after travelling the Pacific Northwest, he began composing, concentrating on producing easygoing, almost ethereal electronic music. Wanting to go but not knowing where, he and his girlfriend converted the van and took off, travelling wherever whimsy took them while creating music.

“Albeit” rolls out on gentle shimmering colours capped by Teulu’s rich, dreamy voice, imbuing the lyrics with soft, tantalizing wisps of recollection. A throbbing rhythm and heavy, resonant bassline give the tune a potent yet wistful cadence as layers of scintillating leitmotifs unfold overhead.

Singularly alluring iridescent tendrils of sonic colours, along with Teulu’s haunting voice, meld into an exquisitely lovely song flowing with elusive emotions.

Listen to 'Albeit' - BELOW:

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