TRACK PREMIERE: Micky James – Not Okay

TRACK PREMIERE: Micky James – Not Okay

Glam rocker Micky James introduces his new single, "Not Okay," a song inspired by two people who formed a close bond after simultaneously experiencing extreme lows.

Micky explains, "This song is a declaration never to give up. I want people to know that they are not alone and they're not the first to go through it. Never be afraid to reach out and talk to someone."

Born and raised against the backdrops of Philly and NYC, Micky knew he wanted to be a performer early on. Later, he began playing in bands, then touring with the Karma Killers group, which dissolved in 2018. Going solo, he released his debut single, "Give It To Me Straight," followed by sharing the stage with the Struts at Los Angeles' Roxy Theater.

His single, "Rest of the Best," featuring Dreamers, received continual airplay on Sirius XM's Alt Nation, as well as more than one million streams on Spotify, followed by Micky appearing with the Regrettes and Welles on Alt Nation's Advanced Placement Tour. His 2020 single, "Kings," collected vast praise. In 2021, he released Live At The Met, along with "Shiver."

Merging retro-flavoured rock vibes with elements of modern pop, Micky's sound is at once dark, enigmatic, and romantic, while his voice summons up echoes of David Bowie and Julian Casablancas.

Talking about his sound, Micky shares, "I wanted to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist."

"Not Okay" rolls out on swaggering colours riding a driving rhythm. Savours of retro '70s rock blend with heady pop tangs to form a swashbuckling, glam-infused tune. Micky's vibrant voice, rich, potent, and stylish, imbues the lyrics with dazzling textures, effervescing with invincible energy.

Micky James delivers delicious, intoxicating glam rock on "Not Okay," a song bursting with thrilling dynamics and panache.

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