Belfast Rockers MASK is back with a brand new track (and a brand new sound!) called ‘Show Me Love’. Made up of ingredients of retro funk, hooky bass lines and four-on-the-floor drums means this is a tailor-made record to strut the streets too!

Having suffered a loss in Belfast late last year, MASK leader H Humphrey decided to escape civilisation and left for Peru. Feeling enlightened on his return, he approached producer Michael Mormecha and asked if he could come in and make a new MASK record. Though his new studio, Tree Song Studios, wasn’t finished and was little more than a building site, having learned of H’s loss, he agreed and they set to work!

According to MASK, “this track felt so far out of our comfort zone that it was a 50/50 decision as to whether we would ever actually release it. But ‘comfort zones’ are never where we want to find ourselves, thankfully egos were dissolved and we were able to get out of our own way. We love this track and it's the best example of why we started releasing music in the first place - to have fun".

Listen to ‘Show Me Love’- BELOW:

The rock duo is led by H Humphrey (guitar/vocals -from Belfast) along with lifelong friend, Craig Coppock (guitar/vocals from Liverpool), combining to make up a band who are releasing their best material whilst having the time of their lives!

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