TRACK PREMIERE: Magnus Bechmann - In The Clouds

TRACK PREMIERE: Magnus Bechmann - In The Clouds

Described as "melodically circuitous and complex” by The Guardian, Norwegian artist Magnus Bechmann returns with new number ‘Uneasy’ with Scandinavian label Sailor Music. Taking influence from the fresh and vibrant indie-pop direction of Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975, new single ‘In The Clouds’ is wrapped up in driven rhythms and bright overtones.

"I wrote this track with Tord Øverland Knudsen (the Wombats) in 2017. He’s a really good and talented dude. We had one session and laid down almost the entire track that day. Then I took it to Erlend Mokkelbost, who helped me with the finishing touches.

At that time there was a bunch of pretty scary things happening around the world, so we thought we could write a track about trying not to get pushed to the ground by all those things. It’s like trying to convince yourself that everything is going to be fine, even though it might not feel like it." - Magnus Bechmann

Listen to ‘In The Clouds’ - BELOW:

Having grabbed the attention from the likes of The Guardian, NME and Clash, Magnus Bechmann is on the horizon for a successful 2020. This month, the Norwegian singer is set to release the first part of his forthcoming debut album with Scandinavian label Sailor Music.

Taking influence from the fresh and vibrant indie-pop direction of Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975, the creation of the new LP has allowed Magnus to take his artistry to the next level. Using inspiration from his own awkward encounters, the upcoming full-length will be released in individual chapters throughout the year, due to the discomfort and melancholic elements of the music.

Discussing his decision to release the new project in this format, Magnus says: “viewing it as a writer listening from the outside, it can seem a bit overwhelming to take in everything at once. After all, I don’t want the listener to feel too disillusioned.”

He went on to say: “But there is really no way around the fact some situations in life are unpleasant. In a way, you can look at the lyrics as the bitter pill and the accompanying music as the spoonful of honey to make it all go down smoother”.

Opening number ‘What Do You Know’ sees the soloist showcase pulsating bass rhythms, with a refreshingly quirky twist. Themed around pointless relationships, the singer had this to say about the track: “‘What Do You Know’ is when you find yourself in a relationship that is better to get out of than to stay in. It’s a situation in everyday life that is not usually a big deal but can totally grow out of proportion quickly.”

Through bright overtones and joyful melodies, the singer’s latest release ‘Uneasy’ captures unsettled feelings when caught up in undesired state of affairs, where closing cut ‘As Endings Go’ (It Ends With You)’ takes a more mellow approach in its sound, as it reminisces over a past lover with twangy guitar strings.

‘Uneasy Pt.1’ drops May 29th 2020 via Sailor Music.

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