TRACK PREMIERE: Loud Forest – 'Costa Rica' Remix

TRACK PREMIERE: Loud Forest – 'Costa Rica' Remix

Pop-rock duo Loud Forest introduces the remix of their song “Costa Rica,” celebrating togetherness and human connection. Made up of Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, the pair formed Loud Forest while Bernard was attending ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, working on his MFA degree. Loud Forest permitted the twosome to blend art and music by means of luscious pop savours, wistful vocals, intelligent lyrics, and nuances of alt-rock.

“Costa Rica” narrates the couple’s initial meeting, followed by falling in love. According to Bernard, “I was in the jungle digging some stairs down to a waterfall, then up walks this cute 17-year-old girl in ripped up jeans out of nowhere. She was there to visit for a couple of days, she sang and played the guitar (‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles). It obviously made an impression on me.”

Opening on tropical, electro-pop colours, the remix of “Costa Rica” rides a tight, infectious rhythm topped by skiffing guitars and voluptuously luscious vocals and glowing, sinuous harmonies. “My memories are running backwards / I can’t keep the picture straight / Sang the Beatles’ song Blackbird / I fell in love on that mistake.”

At once vibrant and rife with alluring, shimmering hues, “Costa Rica” offers plush textures of gleaming electro-pop.

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