TRACK PREMIERE: Josh Thorpe - Down to the Ground

TRACK PREMIERE: Josh Thorpe - Down to the Ground

Josh Thorpe is a Torontonian now based in Glasgow. He will release single 'Down to the Ground' on 22nd Jan followed by the album 'Love & Weather' on 5th February. XS Noize is pleased to exclusively premiere 'Down to the Ground' today!

Josh has a similar spoken-word type delivery to Cheekface, except a bit more nuanced, more introspective. He incorporates influences ranging from of Sun Kill Moon and Sonic Youth to Slint and The Van Pelt:

"What I like about 'Down the Ground' is its texture and vibe. Also a feeling of intimacy with the material world. Typical of this band, the song brings discordant and sweet, polished and unpolished, into play together. It's a kind of love song where love is thought of as a confluence of strange and specific forces. Watch out for a video, coming soon: joggers in the streets of locked-down Paris. Surprisingly buoyant I think." - Josh Thorpe

Listen to 'Down to the Ground' - BELOW:


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