TRACK PREMIERE: Jake Bradford Sharp – The Catalyst

TRACK PREMIERE: Jake Bradford Sharp - The Catalyst

’The Catalyst’ is the first taster single from forthcoming album ‘Dark Future’ by Jake Bradford Sharp which XS Noize is pleased to premiere today! The soundtrack to an imaginary film. Heavily inspired by Cyberpunk and Future Noir themes. The album takes you on a journey into the dark and foreboding future, equipped with big synths, giant atmospheric textures and melodies strong enough to melt through steel. 

After another online hacking war – this time caused by parties of hackers accessing banks and stealing millions in cryptocurrencies – governments put a limit on the accessibility of the Internet. Learning platforms and accessible knowledge is severely securitised. All historical and factual books are no longer published, and books of information are stored in a main holding facility, The Orchid. Amongst these texts are personal records of everyone born since the Internet 2.0 was first introduced. These were initially sealed to stop hackers gaining access to thousands of online records, and using them to manipulate people to their will. Now governments store and use these pieces of information at their discretion. The hackers become the hacked.

Personal data can be bought and sold for thousands on the darknet. Illegal purchasing, selling and trading of all pieces of information takes place – accessible only via a virtual reality application. Accessing the darknet is not illegal, however trading of the highly profitable and exorbitant personal data files is.

A small party of allies working against The Orchid plan to use the dark net to access The Orchid mainframe and release all the information they withhold on citizens. This will help to bring back the free information trading program, and allow people to once again access, amend, and most importantly control their individual personal data.

This is the Dark Future. ::

Listen to ’The Catalyst’ – BELOW:



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