TRACK PREMIERE: Izzy Frances - Who We Are

TRACK PREMIERE: Izzy Frances - Who We Are

Songwriter Izzy Frances has placed herself firmly on the radar as one of the most exciting up and coming songwriters to look out for in 2020. Last year, she embarked on her musical journey with her first two singles ‘You Lost The War’ and ‘Safety’. Both tracks showcased a raw emotion and songwriting prowess way beyond her years and were featured on BBC Introducing, Impose Magazine and a number of key Spotify playlists taking her to over 25k streams.

Performing from a young age, Izzy started by singing and soon taught herself piano out of a passion for performance. Her songwriting life started in her teens when she wrote her first piece of music. She soon found a therapeutic quality to writing music that came from putting life experiences to music, though her inspiration often comes from a number of different sources.

I've felt strongly about things that have happened in the books I've read or things that have happened in my friends/families lives and often then the songs just kind of pour out.

Still, in the early stages of her songwriting journey, Izzy is looking to push on with her new releases and release her debut EP later this year. The third track from the full release is the powerful new single ‘Who We Are’ - Showcasing all of Izzy’s undeniable songwriting ability, it’s an emotional piece of songwriter-pop that puts you in mind of Birdy or early Gabrielle Aplin.

It’s about celebrating life and love of yourself and others, and I hope it uplifts and inspires happiness in people. There is so much beauty and diversity in the world and we need to accept and celebrate who we are as unique individuals so I hope this song helps to remind people of that. I had the best time writing Who We Are with Helen Boulding and Jonas Persson so also a massive thank you and shout-out to them!

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