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Insomniac Bears

Since the release of their debut single ‘Scenic Drives’ in 2017, Insomniac Bears have continued to deliver lyrical vulnerability, sonic experimentation and honest pop-anthems. The band is a vibrant combination of established Norwegian musicians; multi-instrumentalist Marius Ergo (Lukestar, Kaospilot & Snöras), Rumble in Rhodos-singer Thomas Bratlie Haugland, Team Me-frontman Marius Drogsås Hagen and songwriter/violinist Magnus Moriarty. Since their last release, they have also included Axel Skalstad (Krokofant ++) on drums as a permanent member. The shifting combination of players has motivated the group to explore new sounds and ambitious arrangements that combine ferocious guitars and gleaming melodies that pierce through psychedelic backdrops. Perfectly marrying rock elements with a pop sensibility, they travel to unexplored territory with their distinctive songwriting.

Following the release of well-received ‘Passing Trains’ in February of this year, ‘A Nod in the Darkness’ is the second track to come out of the studio sessions with renowned producer Lars Horntveth (Susanne Sundfør, Kimbra, A-Ha ++). The song combines vintage synthesizers, addictive hooks, and flavours of psych-pop. As songwriter Marius Hagen explains, the new single was born from the tragic loss of a close family member: “Listening back to how it turned out is not easy, but it feels 100% sincere and that’s why we decided to include it on the EP. Although the song, for me, will always be a difficult reminder of its inspiration.”

Full of sincerity and vitality, ‘A Nod in the Darkness’ explores how to navigate independence in the face of heartbreak, and triumphantly advocates exercising self-acceptance.

Listen to the XS Noize exclusive premiere of ‘A Nod in the Darkness’ – BELOW:

Release Date: April 12th 2019

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