TRACK PREMIERE: Huma - Recurrence

TRACK PREMIERE: Huma - Recurrence

Today XS Noize is pleased to premiere RECURRENCE taken from the forthcoming album ‘EMERGENCE’  by experimental electronic artist HUMA.

With Emergence Andrés Satué leaves behind his previous path to immerse himself into the experimentation of irregular and unpredictable structures that arise from sequences and textures colliding and merging into rhythmic and melodic sonic explorations that are non-human but at the same time intuitive and almost familiar.

Inspired by the Emergence Theory, which states that a large number of relatively simple elements can self-organize into behaviours that seem unexpectedly complex, he creates a process by which musical order seems to emerge out from chaos.



Huma is the personal project of Andrés Satué. Born in Galicia but based in Barcelona, he has an extensive career in musical experimentation, from his first math-kraut-rock and prog bands to experimental electronics with his previous project Esquelas and now with Huma. He has released several albums under labels including Bestiarie, ENSMBLE, Matapadre. He participated in the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Madrid, played at some of the most relevant Spanish experimental electronics festivals and is co-founder of Hedonic Reversal label and Bicefal Festival. He also runs a monthly radio show with his label partner Miguel Sueiro at Dublab Barcelona.


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