TRACK PREMIERE: Halina Rice – ‘Atoms’ – Listen Now!

TRACK PREMIERE: Halina Rice - 'Atoms' - Listen Now!

We are pleased to premiere ‘Atoms’ from rising London based avant-electronic producer, Halina Rice from Her debut album ‘REDUX’ out 20th October.

“ATOMS is about two people, but one has a secret life and is planning to leave. It’s as if the one who is about to be betrayed can look in and see what’s going to happen before it happens. There is a bitter disdain for them ‘you you’re so in love / with all the cruel and distant lands” even thought it’s bad for them they’re still going to do it. In a ‘Being John Malkovich’ way they’re all me and none of them are me at the same time.”

Listen to ‘Atoms’ BELOW:

‘REDUX’, a breathtakingly emotive record, sees Rice effortlessly drawing on electronic, bass and ambient influences resulting in a truly immersive soundscape. Collectively the twelve tracks juxtapose themes of hope and loss over powerful, repetitive rhythms.

Having drawn comparisons with fellow peers like Burial, Oneohtrix Point Never, Apparat, and Jon Hopkins, Halina’s previous two remixes for AstroVoyager and New Opera Hero last year garnered acclaim across tastemaker blogs and industry media, the album will be pre-empted by debut track ‘KWYMO’.

Renowned for her vivid and eclectic style, coupled with a strong emphasis on sampling, she uses multiple effects to create original and experimental sounds – vocals are warped, stuttered and stretched, synths are distorted, other-worldly sounds are generated from improvised combinations of virtual instruments.

Rice details the album: “I think it’s about trying to capture fleeting moments and feelings that are hard to put into words and the result is like a tableaux of different moments or a series of photographs. Musically I might start with an idea of trying to create a particular feel or style, but through a course of experimentation and trial a totally different sound is revealed – it’s all about the choices you make as you work and a ‘happy accidents’ process where you put sounds together and something grabs you that’s moving”.

With a background as a multi-instrumentalist, a growing interest in electronica led Halina to start producing her own experimental music in 2014. After the release of her first EP, in November 2015, her tracks received play on radio stations Sub FM and Radar FM, and live events followed around the electronic scene in London.

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