TRACK PREMIERE: Gabriella Marinaro teases her ‘INNER SPACE’ EP with the release of 'Goodnight Moon'

TRACK PREMIERE: Gabriella Marinaro teases her ‘INNER SPACE’ EP with the release of 'Goodnight Moon'

As a fairly new name on the music scene, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Gabriella Marinaro is determined to make her mark. How is she going to do this? Notably, through the release of her upcoming EP INNER SPACE and its lead single, the brooding yet surprisingly upbeat "Goodnight Moon", which XS Noise is proud to premiere.

Asked about the creative process to and behind the track, Gabriella shares: "I made 'Goodnight Moon' after countless attempts of leaving a toxic boyfriend who always called me a witch. I figured there must be something that draws me to him if I'm staying in this destructive relationship! He is the 'moon' in "you pull me under tide to you."

Of the inspiration to and behind the EP from which the song is lifted, she adds: "In toxic relationships, including one with myself, there's a constant battle in your mind that makes you feel trapped and lost in your own world...that is your INNER SPACE."

The collection is also deeply personal and addresses the struggles Gabriella faced when she returned to LA after living in Rome as well as her mental health and how such impacted her relationships. "While I tried to collaborate and make sense of my music, it was creatively disheartening when the priority for the producers was trying to make a 'hit'," she says. "I am a bit all over the place, and this EP is a way to make sense of myself and to close a memorable chapter of my life that I think a lot of people can relate to."

The INNER SPACE EP was created with the help of some of the most established names in the industry, including Stefan Skarbek, who worked with Amy Winehouse and Grammy-nominated engineers David Kim and James Krausse, with "Goodnight Moon" ultimately serving as a powerful introduction to the collection. Its messages of self-reliance, self-belief and empowerment – which filter through the EP as a whole - will motivate and inspire anyone who listens to it and showcase Gabriella as an artist not afraid to speak her mind and, particularly in such a male-driven industry stand up for and champion women everywhere.

Listen to "Goodnight Moon" - BELOW:

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