TRACK PREMIERE: Deaf Radio - Arsenal of Hope

Deaf Radio

Deaf Radio is a modern rock band formed in Athens, Greece, in 2015. Their debut album, Alarm, was released to critical acclaim in 2017, as was their sophomore album, Modern Panic (Nov 2019).

While its two first albums hovered over hard rock/stoner and psychedelic genres, the band has displayed signals of a major shift in aesthetics in its upcoming third album, Arsenal of Hope, expected in November 2022. The three singles already released (Model Society, Supersonic and Quicksand) indicate a broader use of synths and electronic elements, drawing from post-disco soundscapes while maintaining their trademark high energy and anthemic choruses. Lyrically they reflect upon digital addiction, the lack of human touch and the social struggle for general equality.

While the pandemic halted Deaf Radio’s plans for more tours and gigs, the quartet didn't stay idle. During 2021, the band played Exit Festival, Serbia, was invited to Europe’s biggest industry showcase, Eurosonic (ESNS) and won the HEMI Music Awards, a programme co-funded by European Union’s Creative Europe and which involved more than 200 European bands. Also, during the first lockdown, it performed online a down-tempo, "stripped-down" version of 4 of its songs in the “Reworked session”. The return to live gigs found the band playing alongside Clutch, Hellacopters, Naxatras and touring Greece in festivals and headline shows.

Hailed as one of the most exciting rock bands to emerge from Greece in recent memory and having shared bills with the likes of The Killers, The Kills, All Them Witches in Greek and European territory (two continental tours), Deaf Radio honed the sound and feel of their music on the road, live and in-person with thousands of fans.

“Alarm” garnered a million streams online, while the band’s second creation, “Modern Panic”, left no ear unturned with its sprawling and exhilarating style. The lead single “Astypalea” was included in the "Tracks of the week" section of the legendary Classic Rock Magazine and aired on KEXP Seattle, USA. Currently, both albums' vinyls are sold-out (in the case of Modern Panic, during the first day of its release).

Listen to 'Arsenal of Hope' - BELOW:

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