TRACK PREMIERE: Crash Cathedral – Fangs

TRACK PREMIERE: Crash Cathedral – Fangs

Philadelphia-based alt-pop outfit Crash Cathedral introduces their brand-new single, “Fangs,” following on the heels of their debut single, “MoodRing.”

According to the band, “‘Fangs’ was written to feel brooding and a little ‘sexy,’ incorporating elements of mainstream and alt-pop while also blending in darkwave and industrial influences. The lyrics and visuals speak for themselves – this song is about vampires. Whether you take that literally, or as a way to define someone who feeds on the energy and emotion of others, is up to you.”

Fangs” opens on dark whirlpooling colours, blending gilt-edged pop hues with haunting savours of alt-metal, infusing the tune with spectral suffusions and seductive echoing layers of resonance. Vaguely reminiscent of Linkin Park, sans the churning heavy metal aspects, there’s a wickedly spellbinding shape to the melody.

Delicious rasping timbres from new vocalist GLMR imbue the lyrics with the ashen dust of unrelenting, enigmatic textures. “When I’m asleep / I know you’re watching / With every breath you don’t take / It always haunts me / You’re like a thief in the night.”

Brimming with beguiling, portentous energy, “Fangs” submits Crash Cathedral as a band to keep an eye on.

Listen to “Fangs” – BELOW:


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