TRACK PREMIERE: Cascina Caradonna’s Enter Sceptre unveil new single ‘Tormentor’

Cascina Caradonna

If you know the video game The Last of Us – which has now been adapted into a globally successful series – then chances are you might recognise the name Cascina Caradonna. They are the face model of the prominent character Dina from TLoU Part II. What you might not know, however, is that Cascina is a multi-talented individual; they act, they perform, and they’re a YouTube personality.

While acting is their primary focus, Cascina’s musical ambitions take centre stage via their New York-based band Enter Sceptre and latest single, “Tormentor”, which acknowledges a powerful truth that many who hear the song may understand or perhaps still struggle to accept.

Asked about the creation of and message behind the song, Cascina shares: “Ultimately, this song is just an embarrassing public display of my lack of self-love. But it took a whole lot of self-love to put it out, so maybe it’s also showing the growth on the other side. There was a long stretch of time where I thought I needed to be loved by someone who didn’t love me. If the person loved me back, no shot. I needed to chase. And the faster they ran, the deeper I would fall, and the more it hurt the more it took over my life. The least validating part of the whole thing is they wouldn’t even know!”

They go on: “So I played out my sick, broken definition of what love is and let it stab me over and over. Learning to love yourself when you don’t even know you exist like that is weird and painful. It’s like a child you’ve been neglecting, Trying to pawn off on others to give it love when the only attention it ever wanted was from you. I’m grateful for the invaluable lessons. I wouldn’t be so whole and such a best friend to myself without them. And we wouldn’t have this sick song!!!!”

Listen to ‘Tormentor’ – BELOW:


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