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Already established as the frontman of NYC indie-rock band Gospels, Alex Frenkel has unveiled the latest single from his solo project Caicos titled “A Spade A Spade”, taken from his ‘Ascension Intention’ LP, which will drop on September 15th.

Alex shares: “’A Spade A Spade’ is about the constant search for purpose in a life you hadn’t foreseen and finding peace in knowing that our most important trajectory-changers take shape in the fragile and futile moments. We give our lives a false sense of meaning by trying to stay busy, just for the sake of it. We begin to miss the formation of these forks in the road, and thus the vicious cycle of questioning and infinite search for reason continues. When appreciation of the moment seeps into the day-to-day — because without the moment we have nothing — then meaning can be implicit.”

He goes on to add: “This song explores how harping on what you could have done differently in the past doesn’t help and how no matter how hard you try, you can’t put the egg back into the eggshell.  Writing it has helped me to focus on forward-thinking without needing to move past the present.  That’s all anyone can really strive for.”

The new album meanwhile, written during lockdown at the peak of the pandemic, reflects on the many questions and queries we have about our existence – what our purpose on this Earth is, what the legacy we’ll leave behind might be. It’s a collection designed to make the listener think harder and looks deeper into themselves while captivating all those who hear it with its artistry.

Listen to ‘A Spade A Spade’ – BELOW:


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