TRACK PREMIERE: Belle Roscoe – Soho Shoes

TRACK PREMIERE: Belle Roscoe - Soho Shoes

Soho Shoes is the outstanding new single from Australian brother and sister duo Belle Roscoe, to be released October 16th, 2020. Soho Shoes is the first release from the band’s forthcoming EP Talking To The Walrus, due for release early 2021.

With their new wave folk/rock sound reminiscent of the 70’s West coast Americana, this independent and international band has been building a solid underground buzz over the past year.

Led by siblings Matty and Julia Gurry, who currently live in London, the band travelled to Nashville to work with Grammy Award-winning producer Matt Sprang (Jason Isbell, John Prine and Margo Price), as well as members from The Alabama Shakes and the 400 Unit.

Musically Soho Shoes is an up-tempo, swampy roots/rock track, with a soaring melody and pulsing bass-line throughout. Lyrically, the band wanted to give a rock-n-roll, two-fingered salute to a world that follows influencers, as opposed to seeking leaders with value and truth.

“At a time in the world where we find disseminating between all the lies to find some truth such an exhaustive procedure – we wanted to write a song that cries out in the chorus, like a desperate plea to people, and in particular to all artists to write and create something with meaning and truth no matter the cost!”  – BELLE ROSCOE

Producer Matt Ross-Spang and the band decided to record the new music to tape: analogue, live, no computers, no edits and no click! With this plan in mind, the band found analogue studio The Bomb Shelter in Nashville owned by producer and engineer Andejia Tokic (Alabama Shakes & Phosphorescent). By combining Matt as producer and Andejia as an engineer, they knew they would finally achieve the sound of Belle Roscoe.

A childhood brought up on the greats from the 60s and 70s, including Fleetwood Mac, Gene Clark, John Lennon, Crosby, Stills Nash and Young has clearly rubbed off on the band’s songwriting, adventurous arrangements and sibling harmonies.

“This was our heartbeat, this was the style of writing and production we’ve always wanted to create” – Belle Roscoe

Listen to ‘Soho Shoes’ – BELOW:

The birth of the Walrus…

On one late night in the studio, Matty and Jules were trying to finish the verse lyrics to one of the band’s new songs and were experiencing a bad case of writer’s block. In an effort to escape the frustration they took to a bottle of red wine and began listening to John Lennon’s album ‘IMAGINE’ for sonic and lyrical inspiration. “How do you sleep?” was the song he placed on loop, hoping some kind of lyrical-miracle would occur. What began as a moment of reverie quickly manifested into a conversation with John Lennon’s Walrus. This inspired conversation took them all on a spiritual journey through the canyons.. and the lyrics took flight. Belle Roscoe’s spirit animal had appeared.

These conversations with the Walrus are ongoing and have given the band the inspiration to record and perform their best work to date.

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