Track Of The Day: Stage Republic – I Got Your Back

Track Of The Day:	Stage Republic - I Got Your Back

Following the huge success and critcial acclaim for previous singles ‘All Out’ and ‘Big Blue River’, Stage republic return with a storming new single ‘I Got Your Back’.

The band’s eighties inspired Pop music comes with a contemporary edge that sets Stage republic apart from other artists within the genre. New single ‘I Got Your Back’ boasts perfectly pitched vocal harmonies, a hugely infectious chorus and that element of feel good that fans have come to associate with the band’s releases. The single would fit perfectly on a Tom Petty album although Raven’s distinctive vocals ensure the Stage Republic’s sound is unmistakably their own.

‘I Got Your Back’ has already been picked up to feature in the soundtrack of an upcoming Hollywood film, but this isn’t the first time Stage republic have found fans in Hollywood. Author Patrice Chaplin, daughter-in-law of Charlie, was instrumental in the planning of a music video featuring Ellen Barkin for Raven’s single ‘City of Secrets’, inspired by Chaplin’s book of the same name.

In addition to working closely with America’s film industry, a quote from Raven was included on the cover of ‘The Cynical Idealist’, the John Lennon biography presented by Yoko Ono at the 30th anniversary of Lennon’s death in December 2010. In the same year, the British horror movie ‘The Stone’, in which Raven made his acting debut won Best Foreign Film at California’s Mountain Film Festival.

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