WE-ARE-Z produce quirky, rhythmic indie ‘wonk-pop’ born out of many wine fuelled late night jam sessions in bass player Archie’s studio in London. Their idiosyncratic songs are largely observational, yet fully accessible, inspired by weekend booze fuelled culture and the late night chaos found in many British cities and towns, the increasing acceptance of the plastic surgeons knife as the norm, the futility of man’s desire for ever increasing material acquisition and madness in its multifarious forms.

Musically, the band fall left of centre, referencing a tradition of great pop music from the likes of Devo, XTC, Talking Heads, Serge Gainsbourg, Blur and Sparks.

‘Easy’ is a song about the insane addiction to, and sweetly tormented lust, for ever increasingly adrenaline fuelled travel adventures. Each member regaled the others with various individual experiences of life on the road, before they had come together. Late night run-ins with Mafiosi in remote snow bound Russian towns, sumptuously hedonistic musical performances in the deserts of California with a mélange of tripped out hippy characters and naked women adorning pianos and whatever other parts of various musical instruments happened to be present, drives across the Atlas mountains of Morocco in vehicles that would frequently break down, horse riding in Mongolia, midnight skinny dipping in villages high in the Norwegian Arctic Circle. There was definitely a song to be had!

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