London-based future pop outfit Nimmo today share their new single ‘No More’. The track is the first to be shared from the duo’s forthcoming debut album, being independently released in May of this year. ‘No More’ is an ode to moments of closure. “When you finally tear yourself away from a bad experience, there can be this wild shift in energy,” Sarah Nimmo explains. “Everything that comes with that leap of faith you take to leave something behind; the sinking feeling, the exhilaration you feel from forcing yourself to make a decision.”

The track itself is an exploration of euphoric dance music, pairing swirling synths with Balearic beats and horns, all laced with Sarah’s soaring vocals. It’s a slice of darkly infectious disco pop carried off with the pair’s cool, arty personas.

Shot on a three-month writing trip to Lisbon, the video for ‘No More’ captures the unique bond between lifelong friends and creative partners Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett. Letting go of the pressure and structure of their life in London, the duo went out every evening in the early autumnal heat to dance with friends, meet new people and generally feel free. “Whenever we were particularly feeling it, we’d get the camera out. We wanted to show people that honest connection”, Reva explains. “It was an immensely hilarious and wild trip”.

Check out the video for ‘No More’ - BELOW:

Written over the last two years, each track on Nimmos’ forthcoming album is born from experiences that defined their twenties. A decade of stories, memories and connections set to unfold over the coming months with much more to be announced soon.

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