Lydmor, A.K.A. Jenny Rossander is an electronic singer-songwriter, musician and DJ hailing from the small Danish town of Aarup. She got into music creatively at an early age, composing her first song at just 14 – she had actually wanted to be a movie director for a long time but had a calling at aged 15 to become a solo artist after singing solo on stage for the first time. She found the emotional engagement of connecting to people captivating and knew then that she wanted to create her own songs.

Lydmor became active in Aarhus’ underground electronica scene and released her debut album, A Pile Of Empty Tapes in 2012. She was then kept busy in 2015 with her second album release, the experimental Y followed by a collaborative album, Seven Dreams Of Fire with Bon Homme - the alter ego of Tomas Hoffding, singer and bass player with Copenhagen-based experimental trio WhoMadeWho.

Lydmor is an artist who loves nothing better than touring, something she does a lot, finding energy from the positive reactions of her audiences but whilst on tour last year, she hit a wall. She felt creatively and artistically confused like she had lost her fire. On top of this, she was suffering heartbreak following a relationship breakup so she took a rather drastic step. Lydmor left her native Copenhagen, told her record company she didn’t know when she would be back and flew off to Shanghai.

She remained in Shanghai for seven months, going undercover as such, not playing any shows and not revealing to people that she made music. The time was spent facing everything she had been thinking of in the last few years and figuring out what her next artistic project would be. Lydmor started working on a new album during this period and today, XS Noize features her latest single - Money Towers.

A sinister, pulsating bass opens up the track providing a dark, atmospheric backdrop to Lydmor’s airy vocal: - “ So lost in the city, I hear a car crash for every step we take- I can’t find you, I couldn’t reach you… So lost in the city, See the money towers, Hear the rattlesnakes - We’ll tear them down, we’re gonna tear them down, you and I” – the lyrics perfectly evoke the experience of being alone in a far-flung land, captivated in a vibrant city filled with strangers. The chorus is wonderfully intoxicating – a real beauty. Lydmor provides an Asian-influenced hook line of “And I don’t think you’ll remember me…. And I don’t believe the stuff I see….” before shards of drum, blistering percussion and lush synths explode into an exotic electronica sound.

"In the song I describe the feeling of roaming about in Shanghai and observing (and to some degree being blinded by) the material wealth symbolized in the imposing skyscrapers," says Lydmor of the track. "The song also has a more sinister tone, considering that it deals with meeting new people while you're in a state of disillusion. You're worried that you might not notice or even remember the people you meet. It is quite personal and revealing. For instance, in the second verse, I describe an anxiety attack where I hyperventilate. However I don't act on these alarming signals but instead, I just venture further into the night and the city. “

Check out the video for “MONEY TOWERS” - BELOW:

The accompanying video finds Lydmor bathed in neon and flickering lights and it visually sits alongside the song perfectly. It was filmed both in Shanghai and Copenhagen with Lydmor working on the concept and art direction alongside Indonesian film-maker Steven Facius. It’s a deliciously addictive and hypnotising song drenched in Asian atmospheres and certainly whets the appetite for the rest of the material on her forthcoming album I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story, to be released this Summer.

Lydmor will be appearing at Thousand Island (formerly upstairs at The Garage), London at 7 pm on Thursday 8th March.

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