Track of the Day: IndifferentMonKeY - I Can See You (on Facebook)

Track of the Day: IndifferentMonKeY - I Can See You (on Facebook)

IndifferentMonKeY is a band driven, and sometimes, crashed by Joseph Lowe. Using original nineties loops created with his long term friend/collaborator Mark Lingard, Joseph has written and produced music with a new fresh sound that can best be described as 'Funked Up Trip Hop'. Many of the tracks are comments about the world we live in; the debut single focuses on how many people display their lives and reveal their thoughts on Facebook, seemingly without any reservations.

Collaborating with a range of hugely accomplished musicians, IndifferentMonKeY are scheduled to release their debut album 'Human Diamond' in winter 2016. In the meantime their single 'I Can See You (on Facebook)' featuring Keith Ashcroft on guitar, Maxime Lennsens on drums and Pearl Rose on vocals is out on September 16th.

During the build up to the release of the album IndifferentMonKeY will be releasing several tracks throughout summer and autumn. Rather than a collection of three minute tracks 'Human Diamond' promises a work that builds from acoustic songs into fully blown funked up trip hop grooves. The band are looking to bring the same vibe to their live shows ensuring a great live experience.

The characters/imagery for indifferentMonKeY are called 'bystanders'. The artwork work is predominantly by Mark Lingard with some additional work from Joseph Lowe. The bystanders will be playing a huge part in IndifferentMonKeY's live shows, allowing the musicians to remain anonymous.

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