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Sebastian Zieler (A.K.A ‘ticktock’) has just premiered a new video for his latest single ‘A- A- A-‘ with Hunger TV. The single comes from his forthcoming EP entitled ‘TCOLT EP’, which is due out 16th March

The video sees a woman on an open plain with a number of horses and a shotgun. Zieler says that when working on the video he, “[I] wanted to stay clear of any direct interpretation of the lyrics, and instead go for a video that looked like the song sounded – a visual parallel.”.

The track is laced with beguiling melodies drenched in melancholy, and gripping vocals which are both exciting and fascinating, and yet drenched in scepticism – just listen to the way Zieler bounces around “I’m out of love, so what will you want from me next time”. It’s hypnotic, torpid and most importantly it’s definitely worth your time.

“Bright sunlight falls on a woman and her horses; the slow and graceful movements of the animals and their natural intimacy with their keeper is offset by the latent violence of the rifle she carries over her shoulder. The video only adds to the detached beauty and gentle sadness of the track.” – Hunger Tv

Watch video BELOW:

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