THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION - share "Mountain" video

THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION - share "Mountain" video

The Phoenix Foundation have shared a new video for "Mountain," premiered today. "Mountain" is the lead single from the forthcoming album Give Up Your Dreams, out 7th August on Memphis Industries. "Somehow Samuel Kristofski made this mesmerising four minute music video from a mere 16 minutes of 35mm film," explains co-frontman Sam Flynn Scott. "Not only does this creepy cultish dreamworld perfectly realise the Jodorowsky inspired spiritual freak out of Mountain it also encapsulates the pseudo-religious movement that is GUYD. Will you come to second level with us?"

Watch The Phoenix Foundation "Mountain" video below:

After huge success, sales and awards in their homelands it was 2011’s breakthrough album Buffalo and 2013's colossal double album Fandango that saw the band reach a more global audience - 5 star reviews, ‘Later... with Jools Holland’ and Glastonbury followed. Which brings us to Give up Your Dreams, the sound of a band with the pressure-off, embracing a freedom to explore and hone their sound at their own pace.

Channelling Fandango’s beauteous side, but this time fuelled by a spit ball of irrepressible energy, Give up Your Dreams feels like the band’s most contemporary offering yet. With the new addition of drummer Chris O’Connor, the album was written taking its lead from the rhythm section for the very first time; paving the way for an all new creative process. “I was convinced we had to have a different sounding record,” explains Scott’s counterpart singer/guitarist Lukasz Buda. “So we completely removed any trace of acoustic guitar. It was important to leave room for the band to take it somewhere else and make way for a new vitality.”

“After 15 years together, this album feels like a total rebirth to us" reveals Buda "it's uplifting feel comes as an act of defiance against all our fears in life.” Take The Phoenix Foundation’s advice then: give up your dreams and good things will happen to you too. Scott concludes:“It’s a mantra about letting go, worrying less, and enjoying your reality instead of always wanting more.”

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