THE ALARM reaches the summit in new video ‘Whatever’


“Whenever I’ve been in hospital, I have projected my imagination towards recovery and the mountain summit has always been a place I aspire to get to as a sign of recovery,” says Mike Peters, vocalist/guitarist of THE ALARM who release their new single and video “Whatever” today, March 28, 2023.

The video, which shows him hiking up a mountain during a snowstorm, is symbolic of his struggle to make it back to good health, as Peters continues to rebound from a serious leukaemia relapse in 2022. “If I can get back to the mountaintop, I’ll know I am on the right track.”

“I was inspired to write this song after hearing John Lennon sing ‘Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’ on the hospital radio. I thought to myself ‘Never mind the night, what am I going to do to get through life?’,”  He elaborates, “The song ‘Whatever’ was born soon after and it’s really about the most simple, yet most important things like family, friends and loved ones who help you in the hours of need and an appreciation of life’s fundamental gifts such as being able to breathe, talk and to walk.”

Filmed on Moel Hiraddug, a mountain in Wales that “is literally right outside my front door in the village of Dyserth where I was born and raised,” the video carries a bit of symbolism in addition to portraying his uphill struggle with cancer. Carrying a retro relic of the ‘80s – the Sony Watchman, a suitcase and a mylar star balloon, Peters struggles amidst adverse conditions to make it up the summit of a television tower.

“All this carried me up the mountain towards an old abandoned tower that I have always been fascinated by,” he explains. “Often, when I look up to the mountain at night, I can sometimes see a light coming from inside the building and wonder who is up there and obviously using the place as a shelter. I tied my silver star (which is a symbol of the new record), to my suitcase of life belongings, and headed for the shelter. The snow was beginning to fall as I walked ever higher, and then with the wind picking up it literally felt like I was climbing through the life storm of recent times. I had brought an old Sony Watchman with me which was another symbol connecting the past to the future. Was this really the first portable screen I had owned, and precursor to the modern screens of devices that feed us news, information and psychobabble 24-7?”

Check out ‘Whatever’ – BELOW:

“Whatever” is the third single from his forthcoming album Forwards (out June 2, 2023), following “Next” and title track “Forwards.” Forwards are being released physically on both CD and Vinyl with the LP release featuring two different record sleeves and coloured vinyl configurations. A classic green and white star white vinyl edition (Mike’s healing colour combo), is being made available to outlets everywhere along with a unique Metallic Green vinyl limited edition available exclusively to independent record stores only.

Forwards is also being released in all digital formats including Hi-Res and Dolby Atmos editions. Pre-sale and pre-save is available here.

Described by Bono of U2 as “the second greatest rock and roll band in the world”, Mike Peters has been the driving force behind The Alarm for over forty creative years of new music making, and dedication to presenting the band’s classic songs in ways both imaginative and inventive.



1. Forwards
2. The Returning
3. Another Way
4. Love and Forgiveness
5. Next
6. Whatever
7. Transition
8. Love Disappearing
9. New Standards
10. X

Around the release of new album ‘Forwards’, spring 2023 sees Mike Peters present The Alarm [Acoustic] UK Tour. This will be a dynamic ‘evening with’ concert tour featuring a unique one-man band electro-acoustic performance style that has previously earned plaudits from fans & critics across the globe via a set list of songs from all eras of The Alarm discography.

The Alarm [Acoustic] UK Tour 2023 live dates are as follows:

May 24th               Liverpool Epstein Theatre                            TICKETS HERE
May 25th               Bristol St. Georges                                          TICKETS HERE
May 30th               Newcastle Cluny Theatre                             TICKETS HERE
May 31st               Tring Court Theatre                                       TICKETS HERE
June 3rd                 Sale Waterside Arts Centre                         TICKETS HERE
June 4th                 Stroud Subscription Rooms                         TICKETS HERE
June 6th                 London Islington Union Chapel                 
June 7th                 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms             TICKETS HERE
June 8th                 York – The Crescent                                        TICKETS HERE
June 9th                 Hull – The Welly                                               TICKETS HERE


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