The 1975's Matty Healy wants next LP to be band's Nebraska

The 1975's Matty Healy wants next LP to be band's Nebraska

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy wants to channel Bruce Springsteen and hopes their next album can be their version of 'Nebraska'. Matty Healy wants The 1975's next album to be their 'Nebraska'.

The frontman has admitted that Bruce Springsteen's iconic 1982 LP - which was made up of demos he'd recorded without the E Street Band - has been a big influence on the group's upcoming 'Notes On A Conditional Form' release, which is the follow-up to 'A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships'.

He told NME: "When I was making the last record that wasn't trying to make a particular thing. Of course, at times, I wanted to make [My Bloody Valentine's]' 'Loveless' of course, or at times I wanted to make 'OK Computer' - there were all these types of things. [Coltrane's] 'Blue Train'.

"On this record, you can hear that at times I want to make my 'Nebraska' [Bruce Springsteen's sparsest album] or I want to make my 'Immunity' by Jon Hopkins. I'd like it to be a moment-in-time record like a 'Nebraska.' "

The band's fourth album is set to be released in May - just six months after its predecessor - but Matty insisted fans can expect very different content.

He explained: "No, what I've realised is it's never going to be a continuation or an association with 'A Brief Inquiry'. It's a completely different record.

"Six months now is the same as what three years was before. Think about the amount of s**t that happens in six months' time. It will be a different thing and a different time."

Meanwhile, Matty has also teased a week-long residency paying homage to each era of The 1975.

The 'Chocolate' hitmaker took to Twitter to share his idea to perform music from the band's albums - including their latest release - and their early EPs at a small venue in the UK, with the same production they had on each supporting tour for the records.

He tweeted: "I REALLY wanna rent out a venue for a week at end of campaign and do:

1st night : Ep's

2nd: The 1975



5th: NOACF


All with the same production and lighting of each era etc (sic)"

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