TEARS OF HAPPINESS share video for new single 'Falling' - Watch Now

TEARS OF HAPPINESS share video for new single 'Falling' - Watch Now

Tears of Happiness is a collaborative electronic pop project between singer-songwriter Bally Meeda and producer LCamz. The new single ‘Falling' revolves around the highs and lows of addictions, and how the journey may start with all benefits of heavenly erotic pleasures but soon travels down a path of pain, suffering and loneliness. The track is a call to those who may be suffering and cannot break this vicious circle, or feel they can reach out.

Talking from the experience of addiction themselves Tears of Happiness have hit rock bottom but refused to stay there. In fact, the whole project started while singer-songwriter Bally Meeda was in a dark, lonely place and couldn’t find a way out. As Bally himself says “Addiction is like the only prison where the locks are on the inside!"

Bally's salvation came in the form of producer LCamz who opened the doors to his studio vocal booth and asked Bally to pour his heart out. This act of kindness from LCamz helped to release Bally’s demons and in turn, create a sound that combines the existential clout of Depeche Mode with the euphoric uplift of Calvin Harris.

Tears of Happiness have now found their sound, and with plenty of quality material in their locker, you’ll be punching the air while crying your eyes out. As an antidote to the worlds’ pandemic, their arrival couldn’t be better timed.

Watch the video for 'Falling' - BELOW:

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