STREAM: the brand-new ‘Rich’ EP by Alternative/electronic rock artist Cyvella

STREAM: the brand-new 'Rich' EP by Alternative/electronic rock artist Cyvella
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Alternative/electronic rock artist Cyvella debuts the brand-new EP, Rich, along with the title track’s music video. The offspring of the pandemic, Cyvella is the brainchild of Marlain Angelides, whose creativity refuses to be shackled. Along with her Cyvella project, Angelides currently fronts the all-female Lez Zeppelin, validated by Jimmy Page.

Explaining Rich, Angelides shares, “The EP is built upon double entendres. It sometimes reflects the complexity of womanhood and what it means to be a woman in the modern age. There are masked secret desires; dominance is juxtaposed with submissiveness; pain and sorrow are married with folly and a hopeful sense of humour.”

Originally from Greece, followed by London and then New York, Angelides was the vocalist of platinum-selling girl group Hi-5, signed to Warner Music in Greece. After graduating from London’s Royal Academy of Music, she appeared on London’s West End and has written and performed with metal bands, including her melodic prog-rock project, Ascending Dawn.

Comprising four tracks, the EP begins with the title track, opening on low-slung oscillating electro-rock washes topped by Cyvella’s femme fatale-laced tones, imbuing the lyrics with dangerous textures. “Soul Defy” rides oozing, shimmering synths atop a syncopated rhythm as Cyvella injects the lyrics with dark, smouldering sensuality.

On “Dirt,” Cyvella blends hints of art-rock with eerie electro-rock, while her voice ranges from luminous and delicate to wickedly husky. Surging harmonics infuse the melody with shadowy, edgy colours. The final track, “PMS,” features heavy thrumming colouration discharging raw savours of punk-like dynamics, reverberating with thick layers of dominating resonance.

Listen to the ‘Rich’ EP – BELOW:

The ‘Rich’EP is released  (5/28

The music video for “Rich,” features Ryan Slatko on piano. Stripped down to only the piano and Cyvella’s visceral, risky vocals, the song drips with voluptuous tangs and aching hunger for affluence.

Flavoured with ruthless tints and wild human desires, Rich is at once savage and melodic, fierce and passionate, and lusciously gilded by Cyvella’s Siren-like voice.

Watch the video premiere for ‘Rich’ (Live) – BELOW:

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