Snoop Dogg Drops Plans for 2022 International Concerts

Snoop Dogg Drops Plans for 2022 International Concerts
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There are singers in the US that have a certain spirit, some "soul", as some call it, and there's no bigger example of this than the legend Snoop Dogg. The creator of some of the most iconic rap songs in the world, his fame can be only surpassed by his appeal. With millions following him on his different social media platforms, every word, every meme shared by this artist has an enormous repercussion around the world.

Even when he's pushing 51 years old, he's still very active, giving concerts, filming for TV and movies, and also having some participation in games, like his recent appearance in the latest Call of Duty franchise game, Warzone. His enormous repertoire draws all of his "eternal" followers, meaning people that listened to him in the early 90's but also young people that have never heard of rap and soul before.

In this context, hundreds of thousands wanted to attend his concerts, in particular on his now famous 2022 World Tour, in which he was to play in Australia in the following months, but he first announced that it would be delayed, later indicating via Twitter that he is "canceling all upcoming non-U.S. tour dates for the remainder of 2022".

Even when this announcement created a big backslash in the international community, most experts say that it hasn´t really affected his US appeal, and of course won´t influence it in those hardcore fans. But it has certainly affected how he´s seen in the rest of the world, since he still had pending Australia, and 16 others compromises in 9 different countries, including the UK, France, Finland, Germany and Ireland, amongst others.

Facts and rumors

One of the reasons he plotted was mainly "schedule problems' ', including personal reasons like making time for his family, as well as other compromises both in films and TV. Some speculated that Snoop's age had a role in this decision to cancel so many shows, and particularly offshores, but nothing further than reality. He's quite healthy and continues to show up in so much work that would clearly stress more than one reader.

In fact, he was trying to dodge some of the shadows that the news of the cancellations was drawing over his career, particularly taking the train of one of the most relevant trial cases that Hollywood had, the Amber Heard vs. Jhonny Depp trial. He called for both parties to have "peace" after the trial ended in favor of Mister Depp, implying that Misheard must pay something close to 8 million pounds in the next few months.

One of the biggest and most hurtful facts about this cancellation is that Snoop hasn't played in the UK and most of those countries that were on the schedule since 2014, more than 8 years ago. This has some of his hardcore fans a little bit heartbroken since there isn't clear news of what the future of these concerts will be. For now, the fact remains that in what's left of 2022, Snoop will only attend those concerts scheduled in the US.

Perhaps the biggest rumor that has followed this event is the fact that these tours are really time-consuming, and even when most of the dates are set close to one another in the same countries, it implies, for example, that he can't participate in any other activities, maybe for months. Or, in the worst of cases, have to take a mid-week flight to the US, do whatever he had scheduled, and then go back to his tour date, sometimes risking flight problems or maybe falling sick along the way.

Revenue and the future

Some music sites speculated that this might imply some hard months for the king of rap, but in fact he might be making more money staying in the US and honoring those contracts that actually going on a tour for multiple months. This doesn't make it right for him, but proves that what those journalists are saying is probably way out of hand, particularly when most of his revenue doesn't come from concerts, but rather from his merchandise (it's rumored that Activision-Blizzard paid a lot for his appearance in Call of Duty), and a lot of other businesses related to his figure, like his line of vaporizers and e-cigarettes, as well as his involvement in the production of royalty-free music.

Of course, those millions of people that bought tickets for his shows will be entitled to a refund in the same place they bought them. Another ill-rumor that spread quite fast was that the organizers had decided to "keep the money and run," but of course, that was exposed rather quickly with his post on Twitter explaining the reasons for the cancellation and making it very clear that the refunds were going to happen.

A lot of international sites decided to create polls to check how his fans are reacting to this quite terrible news. Contrary to popular belief, the average poll shows that 30-40% of people are irritated by this decision, but the majority of them are also fine with it because Snoop was quick to express his reasons.

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