Since the release of  their debut Disco album iPop featuring Erasure's flamboyant front man Andy Bell in April this year, Shelters Rob Bradley and Mark Bebb have kept themselves exceptionally busy concentrating on further collaborations and self penned compositions to complete their forthcoming studio album Emerge, which is tentatively scheduled for a November 2014 release and excitedly preparing their setlist for their support slot with Erasure starting in Wolverhampton on 29th November 2014.

Their new Single and follow up to the brilliant partnership with Berlin's Alignment North, “Trouble with You” is the Analog/electro track “Fierce”which is released today 9/11/14 on Itunes. Transporting us back  to times of the 80s Blitz kid movement complete with Numan-esque synth pads, Blue Monday snare rolls and Vocoded vocals. After a listen or two one could be forgiven for thinking that this could have been written as a rival to Duran Durans “Girls on Film” as its follows the same focus surrounding those “beautiful people” among us, with Bebb's lyrics citing throughout ”Your like a model, just like a model, Your Fierce” over a collection of  Bradley's little synth bleeps and buzzes , that keep this track modern albeit with that New Romantic vibe. All in all, its a catchy wee number, an infectious tune backed by an anthemic analogue synth lead that Bob Moog would have been proud to have created all those years ago.

Apart from provoking memories of dodgy hairdos, blokes with to much make up and  girls wearing more blusher than Aunt Sally, “Fierce” is unashamedly a pop track created to make the listener smile, at the same time, without pretending to be too serious or pompous regarding its content and is a well made little number that isn't to hard on the ears by any stretch.

Buy 'Fierce' from ITunes BELOW

Listen to the 'Emerge' sampler:

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