SEVEN RED LIONS release new single ‘Under the Skin’ – Listen Now!

SEVEN RED LIONS release new single 'Under the Skin' - Listen Now!

Seven Red Lions is a multi-international alternative indie rock band based in London UK. The band was formed in 2015 by the lead singer and guitarist David Lion. In the same year, they released their first EP ‘100 Years’. After some changes of the lineup, the new members: Sara Priegue (bassist and backing vocals) and Chris Coronel (keyboard player), joined the group and recorded their second EP ‘Believe’ which they promoted in Mexico on their first international tour.

The band have been playing around the UK and releasing new music every year. since then In 2018 they released ‘Broken’, a strong and powerful song inspired by their grunge influences. The following year they released ‘Citizen’, another great track that has received excellent reviews “ ‘Citizen’ is an indie-rock stomper with searing guitars, breathless vocals and a rhythm section that punches harder than Tyson Fury. There are elements of the Clash, the Police, the Libertines and the Damn Vandals running throughout this” (Listen with Monger)

The band have released their new single ‘Under the Skin’, inspired by the pre-Hispanic cultures in South America – Listen BELOW:

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