SCREAM share recently found unreleased recordings with fans

Peter Stahl

In a recent Facebook post, the members of Scream have mentioned that they suddenly found old and previously unavailable recordings “from 1984”. Notable that the first of the series of recordings is Scream’s cover version of legendary Rolling Stones’ song – “Paint It Black”. 

Peter Stahl, the vocalist and co-founder of Scream says:

“The reason we made our garage session of ‘Paint it Black’ available was because our summer 2020 European tour had been cancelled due to the pandemic. We were all stuck at home and we wanted to still engage our friends and fans directly so boredom was the catalyst. We decided to offer exclusive content like photos and mp3s or videos to people who reached back out to us and signed up to our mailing list

Listen to Scream cover ‘Paint It Black’ – BELOW:

Recently, Stahl mentioned that Scream is working on some of the newest songs. With it, he points out that now the band is mostly focused on disclosing old archives:

“It’s been fun going through old tapes and boxes of photos looking for stuff but our energy is always on moving forward while we look back.”

Scream was formed in 1981 becoming one of the first D.C. hardcore-band. The first full-length album Still Screaming came out after two years of touring and playing – through Dischord Records. They’d released 4 more albums before their breakup in the early ’90s. After that Pete Stahl co-founded Wool. And later on – earthlings? and Goatsnake.

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